Wedding Invitation

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Nighat Iqbal Khan (Picture) & Hamid Ahmed Khan (Picture).
Solicit your blessings and gracious presence at the
Valima in Celebration
of the wedding of their son

Sameen Ahmed Khan (Picture)
Noama Khan (Picture)
(D/O. Nawab Nasiruddin Khan (Picture) and Late Mrs. Amirunnisa Khan (Picture))

(Nikah after Maghrib at Jafer Nagar Masjid, Nagpur
On Thursday the 22nd of February 2001
27th Ziquad 1421 Hijri
Dinner: Pandey Lawns, Jafer Nagar, Nagpur.)

Valima at: 8-00 p.m.
On Saturday the 3rd of March 2001,
7th Zilhijja 1421 Hijri
at Henna Mansion
Adjacent to Darul Aman Function Palace,
Near Andhra Bank, Mehdipatnam,
Asif Nagar Road, Hyderabad.

Mrs. Nighat Iqbal Khan (Picture) & Mr. Hamid Ahmed Khan (Picture).
12-2-830/25/2 Ground Floor
Alapati Nagar
Phone: +91 -40 - 23531023.
INDIA (National Emblem).

Mrs. Nighat Iqbal Khan (Picture) Mr. Hamid Ahmed Khan (Picture).

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