Khan Sameen Ahmed Khan
Article in Thendral

Dr. Sameen Ahmed Khan             ([email protected])     (Visiting Card, Picture, Pictures and the Biographical-Note).

This is the scanned copy of:

Now at the Engineering Department, Salalah College of Technology (SCOT, Logo),
Post Box No. 608, Postal Code 211, Salalah, Sultanate of Oman (National Emblem).
(See the Visiting Card).

My Erdös Number and Einstein Number

My Academic Genealogy
Mathematics Genealogy Project (Logo, Entry No. 93310)

List of 35+ Writeups from the INSPIRE HEP (Logo), Originally SLAC SPIRES (Logo). List of 20+ Writeups from the LANL E-Print archive (see the Atom Feeds).

Some Publications from the American Mathematical Society (AMS, Logo) MathSciNet (Logo). List of 165+ Writeups from the Google Scholar (Logo).

For Copies of Preprints and Additional Information: [email protected]
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